Flu Prevention  

Have you ever asked yourself why some people catch the flu and not others? Why some have mild symptoms and others have complications?

In a pandemic the flu virus is everywhere. It enters through the nose and mouth and tries to spread in the lungs. Some...



Sage is cleansing and purifying. It fights infection. It also helps reduce body fat as part of a...


Olive leaves are used for their immune boosting capabilities. It fights infection and helps prevent...


JM Barsalou only uses natural products to make remedies that work with your body to improve your health and well-being. JM Barsalou uses medicinal herbs, oils, essential oils, floral waters, salts, honey and clay.


Valerian calms the nerves. It relaxes tired and tense muscles. Valerian promotes sleep. It is used to treat insomnia and release muscle tension after training.

JM Barsalou

JM Barsalouís approach to health is based on teaching you how to do it for yourself. It is the best way to avoid relapse and guarantee long term wellbeing. JM Barsalou wants you to become your own therapist, to trust yourself and listen to your body, mind, heart and soul to know instinctively what is right for you.


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