Latin name
Plantago ovata
Part of the Plant used
Seed husk
Country of Origin
Why is Psyllium good for you?
Psyllium husks when mixed with liquids expand and create a bulk in the stomach. They stimulate digestion and the transit of waste products. They also act as a mild scrub in the gut to improve the absorption of nutrients.
Treatments where we use Psyllium
Detox Bad Breath Weight Loss
Wrinkles Acne Stress
A little bit of history...
Psyllium is used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat digestion related conditions.
Did you know?
Psyllium husks are commonly used with Green clay to detox and improve the absorption of nutrients. In moderation the Psyllium-Green clay treatment can help you lose weight as you need less food to absorb the same amounts of nutrients.
Natural remedies where we use Psyllium
Green Clay and Psyllium husk to improve digestion, facilitate the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste products. It is recommended as part of a cleansing treatment.
Psyllium husks
Psyllium husks are best used for internal cleansing and digestive problems. We recommend that you add it to the Green clay treatment.

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